Sunday School:    10:00 AM

​Worship:               10:55 AM

​Sunday Evening:    6:00 PM

​Wednesday:            7:00 PM


​Wednesday:           7:00 PM


​Sunday                   6:00 PM

​Wednesday            7:00 PM​MY2  Tuesday        6:45 PM

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Our Mission Statement:

​“We believe God has called Midway Wesleyan Church to be grounded in Scripture; therefore, we propose to be a fellowship of believers who worship and obey Jesus Christ and are committed to reaching others both here and around the world.”

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331 Worthville Road, Randleman, NC 27317

​Phone: 336 498-2023          Email:

​                 ​​Midway Wesleyan Church

For Directions:

​​​​​​Pastor:      J. Arnold Luther

Cell Phone:  336 963-1270